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Junya Watanabe Love

I have to admit that finding the love for the Japanese designers took me a bit. I tend to be a true girl in the sense that the silk chiffon's, brocades and embroidered bits steal my heart instantly. However I have slowly come to appreciate the underlying wit and the pushing of the envelope — an envelope that most do not even realize exists till the designers like Junya or Rei Kawakubo deem to open it for those amongst us not so enlightened to the possibilities that they see. Junya Watanabe is actually a protege of Rei and is renowned for designing innovative and distinctive clothing. He favours technically advanced fabrics though in this particular 2003 collection went back to his roots and used cotton in the most astonishing of ways. The play on the buckles and ruching was applauded and if you pop to the actual listing for this set you will see his quirky play on the Victorian bustle through a decidedly modern hip bag. Genius and a museum worthy collectible!
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Junya Watanabe Love + rei kawakubo