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Winter Blossom Christmas Tree

As many of you have read, my hideous white Christmas tree and I have been at odds with each other over the past couple of years. My store-bought Christmas tree has not taken care of herself-always mis-shappen and shoddy looking-and I am sure she has heard the awful things I have said about her under my breath, not to mention, she still gets huffy when Zena, our cat, gnaws on her prickly, plastic branches. Needless to say, last year I decided that we needed a break from each other, and I promised myself that I would not drag her down from the attic this year.

And I KEPT my promise.

Instead of decorating with my plastic, commercial white Christmas tree, I made a new one, and it didn't cost me a penny.

Inspired by Cherry Blossom trees, I simply gathered sticks that had fallen from our trees and painted them a creamy white, and placed them in a white decorative pot (which I have used in numerous projects-Remember Amelia's Secret Garden Party?)
Then I made white tissue paper petals to mimic cherry blossoms and glued them to the white branches.

I could have stopped there if I had wanted a simpler, minimal look, but the romantic side of me just couldn't stop, so I added a handful of luxurious white feather plumes~

Since this tree was created for Amelia's room, I adorned my homemade Christmas tree with sweet, childlike ornaments:

a pair of vintage dusty ice blue mittens, petite vintage silver bells and birds,

a handmade paper ornament,

and a gray dove-accessorized with a aqua satin scarf. And notice the top of the white pot was also dressed for winter, I added a vintage white rabbit fur collar around brim for a wintry touch!

And my favorite detail about my homemade winter blossom Christmas tree is that I placed it into the curio cabinet in Amelia's room~a fancy little display case just for the tree. I hope to add white lights inside of the cabinet so that at night, it becomes a magical little scene behind glass for Amelia to enjoy.

images by à la parisienne

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Winter Blossom Christmas Tree + Winter White