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Gorgeous Grays Kissed by Gold

Gray has been my absolute fettish lately. Actually, thinking back, even in highschool when all of my friends were sauntering down the halls sporting their low-rise jeans and GAP T-shirts, I was dressed in a slate gray knee-length dress skirt and matching dress jacket, which was accented with black velvet collar, piping, and velvet covered buttons. Can you say out of place? Or perhaps a little too dressed up for Pre-Cal and French III class?

Nonetheless, gray has really been my color of choice for years, and I must give my mother complete credit for my obsession with gray since she always gravitated toward gray garments during our shopping escapades. "Oh, Mandy," she would say, "Can't you just see this gray blouse with a magenta... or a plum... or even a red... {you fill in the blank}?"

I love the contrast of a chic dove gray silk paired with guilded, intracately carved wood. It's so sumptuous and rich.

It's no surprise that our decorating styles are reflected in our fashion preferences.
Remember the dress Meg Ryan wears at the end of the movie, Kate and Leopold???

~ a gray satin ball gown~

I just love her dress in this movie. (I also love the black dress she wears when she meets Leopold on the rooftop for a romantic meal and dance... Beside the point!)

And look at Debra Messing's gold earrings with this charcoal gray dress. She's so beautiful.

And the color-"foggy gray" and weightlessness of this dreamy silk tulle Dior dress, named "Venus" and fashioned in 1949, reminds me of the gray lace floor-length curtains my mom just finished heming for my diningroom and livingroom.

Who would've thought to pair this silver and white halter dress with gold?

What a glorious and classic accent!

I hope you all have a safe, relaxing, and happy weekend.

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Gorgeous Grays Kissed by Gold + Upholstery