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Giveaway and The Treasure of a Letter

I hope that you will take the time to read this post as it reveals something truly important to me, and I hope that it speaks to you as well. {Giveaway information is at the bottom.}

Within me are two people-the blogger, graphic designer, photo editor, photographer. This first person is the techie-the entity in me that emerged as a surprise. I can only imagine what my former high school English and French students would say if they knew I worked on the computer on a day-to-day basis-some would scoff and others perhaps feel betrayed.

You see, I was always the anti-technology teacher-not the one who taught like I was from the Stone Age by passing out countless worksheets and reading the stupid chapter from a book. No, I mean anti-technology in the way that I view social relationships.

The other person in me hates the excess use of texting, voicemails, IPods, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Yes, I send/receive texts (maybe one per month), use Facebook from time to time, and I think that these are wonderful tools for quick info swapping.


Do you ever just wish texting and emails were not the first resort?

Am I the only one that feels like this chatter that we share in these mediums can be so empty? meaningless? superficial? impersonal?

You know the family member who ignores his calls, allows them to be transfered to voicemail and then responds by texting back?
Oh, yes, his time is so much more valuable. He is in the middle of buying animated livestock on Facebook!

What happened to the treasure of receiving a letter or the pleasure of penning a sweet note to a friend?

Parisienne Correspondance No. 1

When I was teaching, every year around Thanksgiving, we discussed letters vs emails and you would be amazed at how much teenagers value real notes and letters. In fact, the majority of them admitted that they had a stash of these cherished handwritten notes that were received from their mothers, fathers, grandparents, little sisters, girlfriends, friends.

Then they spent the hour writing a sincere thank you letter to a person of their choice.

And, yes, I read every word of their letters before they were delivered.
Hope is not completely lost in the younger generations.

Parisienne Correspondance No. 2 -Ladurée-Inspired

Here are some of the precious advantages a letter can bring that is void in digital exchanges:
*Smell- the scent of perfume, smoke, aftershave

*the uniqueness of a person's handwriting
(When I recall my former students, I still remember their eye color and handwriting-Two things I always remember about people aside from their names)

*the hint of emotion- anger breeds quick, sloppy writing, while bliss brings forth fluidity and graceful writing.

*touch- a letter is handled by the writer and the fingerprints of that person will forever grace that page.

*Extras- stickers, smiley faces, underlining, pressed flowers, little sketches, and kiss marks cannot be equally expressed through email, texting, or Facebook.

Parisienne Correspondance No. 3
In an attempt to revive letter-writing, I am offering a giveaway.

Two winners will win :

*One set of my Parisienne Correspondance Cards (sets pictured above)

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Naturally Nostalgique- "Hang in There"

Naturally Nostalgique -Blank

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Naturally Nostalgique -Blank

*One set of Joyeux Noel postcards

{All card/postcard sets come with matching envelopes for all of those extras you want to include with your letters!}

Just leave a comment below to enter.

Giveaway will close on Sunday, September 19th at midnight (Central standard time)
Of course, sharing this giveaway with your friends would be appreciated!

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Giveaway and The Treasure of a Letter + Parisienne Correspondance