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Is this here to stay?

Now I love me Daphne Guinness as much as the next fashion girl but I do think that the current obsession with her is part in fault for the current obsession with the heelless shoe. We all know that this is her signature shoe and for a while you could only get one if you happened to be able to afford to have them custom made like she was doing. It is not like you could pop down to Payless and grab a pair or two in pink for a Saturday night soiree now was it?

But now they are fairly easy to find within some of the higher end shoe designers, and the fashion crowd is embracing them and wearing them out and about for day time use. This shot is from a street style blog and in theory it looks amazing — the play on patterns, the sleekness of the shape, the simplicity — its a street style photographer watching, shoe loving girl's dream shot.
But I am still on the fence. I have not yet tried one of these on and am not sure if I even want to go there and I am officially a high heel kind of girl.
What do you think? Are these a future icon shoe or a flash in a pan? Will this become a mainstream heel(less) shape you will be able to pick up at the local mall or remain a tiny niche in a just a few designers arsenal of offerings?
(that photo was found on a street style blog and I have misplaced the credit — if you know leave the info in the comments and I will update this post — in no way am I intentionally leaving out a credit! Those guys works too hard!)

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Is this here to stay? + shoes