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Wearing Vintage [Elisabeth von Thurn]

Elisabeth von Thurn — Style Editor at Large for was profiled for Vogue's Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl feature. I can't help but love this girl — as she is obviously a vintage lover! This is a great way to style and dress down what could be a cocktail dress, into a go anywhere day piece, so it still looks chic but stays casual.
This was her description of Day Three:
I found this dress at a great vintage store in Paris. It’s Yves Saint Laurent from the seventies. I kept a bit of the seventies theme going by adding this goat-hair vest, which I found at Axel Delikat, this incredible furrier I discovered in Berlin. He has amazing pieces and makes anything you want to measure. He’s also very inexpensive. My boots are Margiela. They’re appropriate for the Vogue offices or fruit shopping in the Union Square Greenmarket.

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Wearing Vintage [Elisabeth von Thurn] + yves saint laurent