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New Directions!

You may have noticed that things have gone a wee bit quiet on this little blog! My day to day life is a little nutty and crazy and unscheduled and because of that platforms like my twitter, instagram and pinterest get more time and attention from me. They feel more relevant to me and I can update them as things happen without a ton of pre-planning. Running a really successful blog can be a full time job in itself and my full time job is Shrimpton Couture and that is how I want it to stay! This blog feels disjointed and sort of like the orphan child — I am least attached to it and I have always felt somewhat forced on it — like it is something I have to do because everyone else is doing it
(I sort of feel that way about facebook too to be honest but that is another day's decision!)
I love, love, love when a blog is done well and I just don't feel that way about this one and never have. It feels like a daily chore rather then a daily happiness. I like the instant feedback I get on my other social platforms and I feel connected to my clients and followers. I don't get that same sense on this blog and it makes me not excited to blog. It takes time and effort that I feel is well spent elsewhere. I have always felt like this about the blog if I have to be honest and to be quite frank it is the least viewed and followed out of all of my little creative "world" I have created around Shrimpton Couture.
So instead of trying to maintain something I don't really enjoy doing, in a format I just don't love and that you don't really want to read, I have decided to take it into a direction that I DO want to do everyday!!
I have felt like this for a long time but I was limited in carrying out what I always really wanted to do because I am a small independent business and really I am the team. For the most part I have been a one woman show and my "team" were all fabulous but part time and there is only so many projects you can take on without a full time person's eye on things in addition to your own. However, as of today that has changed!
I am extremely pleased to formally announce that the talented Jenna Schill, who has been with me part-time for a couple of years now, is my new Art Director! She has been at Flare Magazine in the art department but I have managed to woo her away to join Shrimpton Couture on a full time basis! I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have her! The experience, enthusiasm and talent she will bring to Shrimpton Couture is unparalleled!
She and I have talked and plotted on how to best build content of merit and we have decided on a more editorial, magazine like approach, with our own little vintage twist, that will be built it right into! This means that once you are visiting with us you will be able to access everything all at once and that there will be more of an integration between our little world of vintage, our finds, and the modern and past world of fashion!
We are in the process right now of putting it all together and I hope to go live with it in about a weeks time. I love, love, love all the readers who have been faithful to this blog and I really hope that once we switch things over you will love the new format even more and come visit us every day like you do now!
Stay tuned! The next post will be to announce the new Editorial — Shrimpton Couture style!

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New Directions! + whats new at Shrimpton Couture