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Cobalt Blue & Orange Crush-a Complementary Vacation

We have finally settled in after a short vacation spent in Washington D.C. Mr. à la parisienne and I spent four days in D.C. visiting our lovely niece, Holly, who has been working on Captitol Hill for almost a year now. The monuments were momentous, the food delectable, Holly was a perfect little hostess, and my parents spoiled Amelia for five days straight. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed this much needed change in routine.

a classy representation of cobalt blue paired with crisp summer white worn by Pipa

Traveling is the perfect time to become creative with your wardrobe and to emerge from a fashion rut. Honestly, the only time I ever have my photograph taken is while away on vacation. You know, the corny photographs that we all think we have to have in front of a famous monument? How many times do you come home, look at the pictures and think,

"Here's my proof that I personally stood in front of the Eiffel Tower and I look like crap."

I'll never forgive myself for all of those photos of me in front of Parisian monuments, during my collegiate study abroad, with my sweater crookedly buttoned down the front. How do you say dorky tourist in French?

Usually, I am very tempted to buy new clothes for vacations, but this trip was quite different. We had about two months notice, and we tried to keep spending to a minimum.

So, I shopped my own closet.

Sometimes in order to revive a wardrobe, you have to become very clever and resourceful. The best way I've learned to capitalize on my wardrobe is through accessories, and for this trip, the name of the game was playing with color.

a couture-esque color wheel

In my one and only art class in highschool, I learned about the color wheel-complementary and secondary colors. Colors directly across from one another on the color wheel are known as complementary colors, which happen to make striking combinations.
I remember my art teacher, Mrs. Goodall, teaching us that the true hue of blue and the true hue of orange will create an optical allusion of a solid white line when held next to one another-quite an interesting concept.

And that thought lead to this ensemble: a striking cobalt blue tank paired with a simple white skirt, accented with vintage complementary orange accessories.
Remember my post about From Me to You and Jamie's vintage millinery bundle? I had to try it for myself.

a brief photoshoot at the U.S. Supreme Court

As this quote describes, the logic of color can help reinvent a stagnant wardrobe without the necessity of spending a fortune. This is an optimistic notion for a frugal woman living through an economic recession.

A big welcome to my new readers. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey.
I will return soon with more colorful fashion inspiration.

images #1,3,6, & 8 by à la parisienne {Photographs of à la parisienne taken by my niece, Holly}
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