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Vanity for Humanity-Ma Coiffeuse

Claudia Strasser, author of The Paris Apartment and creator of the Paris Apartment decorating style, has taken on a very interesting and commendable project. She is collecting shots of various vanities from women across the globe who follow her blog
The Paris Apartment

Her goal is to "[collect] shots of your vanity for a book [she's] putting together called ‘vanity for humanity’ with all proceeds going to habitat for humanity." She's looking for "candids of how we live, sort of [a] voyeur’s look into an area that’s mysterious, sexy and unique for every woman."

While my vanity is actually in the master bathroom, I decided that I would participate. I mean, this is a candid, real place where a real woman primps and styles!

Five years ago when my husband and I were remodeling our home that was built in 1898, I knew that I wanted my bathroom vanity to be a real piece of furniture. Thanks to my talented, patient, and loving father-in-law, he installed this beautiful sink in the middle of this dresser and salvaged 80% of the drawer space!

I bought this golden statue from my sister-in-law's booth several years ago. I just love everything about it!

Recently, while visiting my Granny, she told me to take a look through her jewelry box and take whatever I liked. When I saw this black and white cameo necklace, it brought back memories of sifting through her jewelry box as a young girl. I gladly selected this necklace as a momento of my Granny's classic taste.

Even my decorations get accesorized

A silver tray full of my favorite perfumes: Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, Pleasures, Armani Mania, and Miranda by Fragonard

My husband found this vintage set of Fragonard perfume bottles on Ebay and gave them to me at Christmas.

A real cameo made from a seashell in Italy-my favorite Italian souvenir-nestled in a larger seashell full of sand dollars and rhinestone pins

A delicate 1928 necklace draped across an Eiffel Tower card
I found this celery colored silk scarf on a recent trip to Fredericksburg, TX. I always seem to have some sort of scarf tied to this mirror. Last winter, I had a long, pink crushed velvet scarf looped around this mirror post.

Scarves, perfumes, cameos, sand dollars, rhinestones... these are some of my favorite things to see as I get ready every morning. Perhaps I could add a feather plume or two somewhere...

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Vanity for Humanity-Ma Coiffeuse + The Paris Apartment