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French Lesson No. 11 - Le Salon

Coucou, mes amis! If it seems like I haven't been around much, it's because I haven't! I've been a busy woman these last two weeks, and I have a little surprise I have been waiting to share with you! Very soon! Very soon... you will know!
This French lesson is a French lesson mixed into a little story I want to share!
Today's Objectives

  • Vocabulaire - le salon & l'anatomie
  • Expressing what you like and don't like

~The bust that I've always wanted~
We'll just pretend that I am only talking about the statue!

Vocabulaire - L'Anatomie
Eyes = les yeux
Nose = le nez
Mouth = la bouche
Chest= la poitrine
Head = la tête
Hair = les cheveux
(Note the plural form in French "hairs." This is a good example of how English is not always logical. Do we have ONE big hair or many hairs??? I think the French have it right this time!)

{My story} A couple of weeks ago, I went on a short vacation with some women in my family to Fredericksburg, Texas. We were shopping and buying like mad women released from their cages! (Well, maybe I have exaggerated a tad).
One thing that I have always been on the prowl for is a bust for a mantle in our home. Bust statues, in my opinion, are one of the main objets d'art you would find in a grand Paris apartment, and since I love this style, a classic, feminine bust is on my "to buy" list. As I was walking through one of the best home furnishing stores in Fredericksburg, I caught a glimpse of the perfect bust. (Oh, I am having fun with these double entendres!)
Long story short, I was unable to bring her home with me (as the price was too steep and the trunk of the car was packed to full capacity!)

And what did I stumble upon this week? A gorgeous image from Nonsense & Sensibility. Once I saw this photo, I knew that I had to borrow it for today's French lesson. Little did I know the surprise that was inside... Oui! mon buste!!! Regardez au centre de l'image à côté de la cheminée! Mon buste parfait dans toute de sa gloire! So, I guess she wasn't the rarity that I thought she was (or shall I say he since it is a masculine object)!

Vocabulaire - Le Salon

Livingroom = le salon OR la salle de séjour
Shelf = l'étagère (f)
Fireplace = la cheminée
Books = les livres
Lamp = la lampe
Couch = le canapé
Painting = le tableau

Expressing likes and dislikes
Aimer in French means "to like"
Adorer in French means "to adore"

J'aime = I like
J'adore= I adore

J'aime la lampe en verre. = I like the glass lamp.
J'adore le canapé rose. = I adore the pink couch.

Making these negative:
ne... pas goes around the verb (Note n'... pas goes around a verb that begins with a French vowel sound)
Je n'aime pas = I don't like
Je n'adore pas = I don't adore

Je n'aime pas les livres par Al Gore = I don't like books by Al Gore.

Bon week-end à tous! The next time I speak to you, I will share the exciting news!

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