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Baby It's Cold Outside...

I am just back from spending two weeks in the Mexican Riviera. I will post my vaca pictures later this week but let me tell you — I MISS THE BEACH and the easy throw it on and go kind of dressing I lived in for those two weeks — I am def def def a throw on a maxi and a pair of sandals and am good to go for the day kind of girl. Coming back to Canada was an abrupt and chilly change. I am now adding layers to combat what feels like extra super cold to me!
With that in mind how can I not share with you the lovely sweaters that became available recently at Shrimpton Couture? Sweaters are very much on my mind as they are now my new mainstay to keep warm! They are from the opposite ends of the decade spectrum — one a 1920s collegiate sweater, very rare and complete with it's original owners name, Marlene embroidered above one darling pocket. The other is smack on trend for the current obsession with the printed picture sweater, a trend that has happened in the past to great, dry-heave inducing failure (1970s Christmas sweaters anyone?) However, this lovely and equally rare, late 1980s, early 1990s Krizia sweater is not only a rare find but totally works. No into tacky land descent here. Just witty, soft loveliness. and more importantly — warm!
Have a warm and cuddly, vintage filled dayxxxcherie
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