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Romantic Gift Wrap

Here are some of my gift wrapping projects that I promised to share! I have now wrapped three gifts (two more than last post). These three projects are very feminine and romantic.
When I gift wrap I try to keep in mind who I'm gifting. Some people could care less about gift wrap and those gifts are the ones that I can tackle in about five minutes.
However, I have many special women in my life who appreciate beautiful things, so I also try my best to make the outside of the gift special. These are the gifts that take a little more time, but it's always worth it.

I bought this gift wrap in Canton, TX at the flea market a couple of years ago. The colors of this paper are just gorgeous and the print on this paper is so sweet.

Like many of you, I have been following Sande's blog A Gift Wrapped Life for a long time, and I realize that wired ribbon is not always the most beautiful ribbon. This wired gold ribbon is one of those that looks pretty on the roll but in my hands it feels... cheap. It's very slippery and hard to work with. You don't even want to know the words that came out of my mouth when I was attempting to make this ribbon candy-like confection. Let's just say that I had to walk away and regroup before completing it.
However, the beautiful, high quality pink satin ribbon on this gift can be found in Sande's Wrap Room.

After Christmas is the perfect time to buy ornaments and Christmas adornments for next year's gift wrapping. I decided to string three miniature pink ornaments to the main ribbon on this gift with a thinner gold ribbon. I admit vintage pink ornaments would look better on this gift.

I was drawn to this paper because of the old gold and cream colors. Usually, I am not a big fan of traditional Christmas icons- Santa Clauses, reindeer, snowmen, etc. but I like the vintage illustration of Santa and the colors in this paper.

This gift is decorated with cream flocked velvet wired ribbon (purchased at--gasp-- Walmart last year). Okay, I must confess I actually like this premade gold ribbon in the center of this bow. I actually bought several of them.
The color of the gold ribbon is a muted gold, not a brassy gold.

This gift is wrapped in a muted gold damask with some cream accents.
I decided to make this gift simple.
I tied cream seam binding around it and into a bow. Then I made a simple circle out of cream cardstock and then stamped the word "Peace" in the center of it with gold ink.
At the bottom of this gift tag is an embellishment made from one of my "cast-off" petals made of cream silk and glitter leaves.

I hope you all have a "peaceful" weekend with your last-minute Christmas shopping and gift wrapping!

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