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Leçon No 6 - Feminine Words & Quelle Porte!

la porte = door

Cou-cou, mes bons étudiants! I hope you are having a great week!
This weeks lesson is an extension of Leçon 4 (masculine nouns & "Quel")
If you have not done Leçon 4, I would go visit it first!

Today's objectives:

  • Feminine French words (Yea! Finalement!)
  • Making exclamations in French about feminine objects! Using "quelle"!
  • Adding an adjective (describing word) to your exclamations!
Below are images of feminine French objects:

la vue = view

la maison = house

la chambre; la pièce = room

la chambre à coucher = bedroom (if you are trying to be specific)

la chaise = chair; les chaises = chairs

la robe = dress

la chaussure = shoe; les chaussures = shoes

la coiffure = hairdo; hairstyle

Other feminine French nouns:
la fête = party; celebration
la fleur = flower
la photo = photo
l'image = image; photo
la semaine = week
la rue = street
la vie = life
la voiture = car

Making exclamations in French about feminine objects

First here is a short review of Leçon 4-- using "quel":
To make an exclamation in French about an object, the French use a form of the word "quel" Remember with masculine nouns we use "quel"
Example = Quel magazine intéressant! (What an interesting magazine)

Formula for feminine French nouns:
Quelle + feminine noun

Quelle image! = What an image!
Quelle vie! = What a life!

Here are some additional phrases with Quelle that you may find very useful in blogging:
Quelle horreur! = How horrible!
Quelle idée! = What an idea!
Quelle misère! = What misery!
Quelle coincidence! = What a coincidence!
Quelle catastrophe! = What a disaster!

Obviously, you may want to add an adjective (describing word) with your explanation.
List of easy adjectives once again:
adorable, agréable (nice, pleasant), artistique, bête (dumb,silly, stupid),bizarre (weird, strange, odd), chic, classique, comique (funny/comical), drôle (funny), fantastique, grave (serious),
incroyable (unbelieveable), logique (logical), magnifique, populaire,rasoir (boring) ridicule, romantique, stupide, unique

Formula for adding an adjective:

Quelle + feminine noun + adjective
The formula is also the same for masucline nouns!
Quel + masculine noun + adjective

Quelle chambre romantique! = What a romantic (bed)room!
Quelle coiffure unique et bizarre! = What a unique and odd hairstyle!
Quelle maison chic! = What a stylish house!
Quelle vue magnifique! = What a magnificent view!

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Leçon No 6 - Feminine Words & Quelle Porte! + French Lesson Fridays