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Lilac, Violet, & Lavender~ Un peu d'inspiration

Upon the beginning of every new season, I spend a little bit of time switching the closet around-moving out-of-season clothing to the back (or to another closet) and bringing the current season to the forefront.
I also force myself to do a little purging and a bit of reorganizing as well.

In the process, I always notice a trend in my color palette for each season, and for spring, one of my color mainstays is gray and shades of purples-
pale lilacs, orchids, and touches of lavender.

Perhaps I lean toward purples since they compliment my hair and eye color...
or perhaps it's because I just like cool colors.

Either way, I felt inclined to share my purples with you.

I also felt inspired to play a bit with Polyvore again.

Violets, Lilac, and Dove Gray

I have an affinity for floral prints, and a floral scarf is a beautiful way to incorporate florals into an outfit without the design becoming dated or overpowering.
I revolved this entire ensemble around this lavender, orchid and gray floral scarf.

So, here's a bit of casual and dressy spring fashion inspiration for you. I, personally, would wear a pair of metallic gray pointed flats with the white tee and jeans and the gray dress, but I couldn't find a good pair that I liked on Polyvore.

I figured everyone has a simple white tee and a favorite pair of jeans, so use this board as a starting point.

If purples aren't your passion, what colors do you gravitate toward during the spring season??

Violets, Lilac, and Dove Gray by alaparisienne featuring leather shoes

images #1 & #2 by à la parisienne; image #3 created by à la parisienne on Polyvore

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Lilac, Violet, & Lavender~ Un peu d'inspiration + Violet