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My Dream Vintage Day...

My birthday is coming up in February and it has got me thinking. As we get older the emphasis on the day has somehow become even greater. So much so that people now have "birthday weekends" and if it is a very special birthday possibly a week of birthday treats and parties. I am probably... no definitely guilty of all of the above. Why? Why do we do this? Is it because not all of our buddies can be in the same room at once or simply scheduling conflicts? I have come to realise that in my case it is simply that birthdays are never like they were when we were little uns. So much party was jam packed in one day and it normally came with jam too. What's not to like? So I have put some thought into it and have come up with my dream birthday party plan. Vintage themed of course. Naturally.

My day would start off in Brighton and quickly get started by a fantastic homemade breakfast cooked by Mr.B with enough naughtiness to turn Nigella green. I would then be whisked up to Paris, Marylebone to be specific to have my hair transformed into a Doris Day pouff by Nina Budden at Nina's Hair Parlour. This date at the salon would be followed closely by a long walk and a massive rummage at Alfie's Antique Market where I would no doubt ooh and ahh over the vintage jewellery and furniture. Of course a gal would be hungry after the walking and childish strops in Alfie's antique market. (I need another pearl necklace..because..I DO!) So tea at the Ritz would be a must. (I have never been and I understand it is pure luxury). After the sandwiches, presents and many cups of tea I will definitely be more than ready to get my groove on. Off to the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club for their "Cream Revue" night. Which is a 1950s prom with dancing, cool guys and dolls, free tea and cake and even dancing lessons so you can brush up on your swing and jive.

What a day... I would happily do that every year of my birthday! Of course I would spend the following 364 days running off the crustless sandwiches and cake, but it would of been worth it for the dream vintage day. In reality I will be having a fabulous picnic with all my friends in a very green park in Brighton with cake and cava... almost the same! O and I will be the one in a vintage prom dress!

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My Dream Vintage Day... + vintage