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On the Red Carpet [Dee Ocleppo]

It's not every day that a girl is browsing the latest party pictures on and sees her dress that was just in her shop a week or so ago on the red carpet and that is being worn by one of her most beautiful and chic clients!
Maybe if you are a regular retailer and hooked into the army of stylists and press people out there this is a regular occurrence for you. But to a girl like me whose studio is smack in the middle of nowhere up in Canada with no brick and mortar store front... it is major news! You know when you read in a book that someone "squealed" and you have thought — what a dumb thing to write — people don't actually do that in real life! Ummm yeah they do. I did.
Dee is a regular, long time client and is an adamant vintage lover. She is one of my easiest clients because her taste runs pretty much parallel to my own personal vintage loves. Except she has the build I only have in my head. Super model tall with a figure to match. She is married to Tommy Hilfiger, designs her own line of chic bags and lives the jet set life we all watch from afar. She can buy anything she wants on the planet and she chooses on a regular basis to buy vintage! I had no idea she was going to wear my 1970s Louis Feraud dress to the 2012 CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. Honestly, that made it more fabulous for me. There was no stylist involved, no pre-planning. She got the dress, loved it and wore it out pretty much right away. Just like every other normal girl who gets a new favorite piece and can't wait to wear it.
When you can have anything you want on the planet and you just wear something because you love it, not because someone has paid you to or given it to you for free so that you are sure to wear it (welcome to the new product placement marketing trend), or because it is the newest thing and no one else has it yet and you are one of those women desperately trying to outdo the other women in the room... ..rather then all that, if, like Dee, you can just thrown on a fairly inexpensive but chic jersey maxi that is some 40 odd years old, choosing it simply because you love it and you look and feel fantastic in it... .well, you are truly a fabulous girl!
Dee, you look amazing and I cannot thank you enough for making my entire week by wearing a find from Shrimpton Couture on the red carpet!!
Have a red carpet worthy, vintage filled dayxxx cherie

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On the Red Carpet [Dee Ocleppo] +