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Grace Kelly, Nicole Kidman and the Exhibit Police

By now you may have heard that Nicole Kidman is working on a biopic depicting Grace Kelly. In it, the story of the American born beauty (Philadelphia actually) and her rise to a Hollywood superstar before eventually marrying Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956, is portrayed.

The film has a reported 30 million dollar budget and co-stars Timothy Roth, Parker Posy and Milo Ventimiglia. Excited to see? Well don't hold your breathe — it is not being released until 2014! All these lovely photos are just one massive tease!

What do you think? Is Nicole a good choice? I have to say my first thought was a no, but as I see the pictures from the set I think that Nicole might just be able to pull it off. If I had to be completely honest, I am more interested in seeing the wardrobe. Is that terrible to be so shallow? But honestly what else are films for but the visual? (and don't argue — just let me have that one please)
All of these shots of Nicole showing her shooting scenes for the film are apparently of her in authentic vintage of the era. Nicole is a vintage collector so I am not surprised that the real thing is being used and I cannot wait to see more!

Speaking of Grace Kelly — I was at the Grace Kelly exhibit during TIFF at the Bell Lightbox earlier this year. I had taken some IPhone pics of the exhibit while there, and had wanted to share them with you now, however, the people that ran the exhibit had security personnel who were like the IPhone Secret Service — I was practically taken out into the back alley and shot for trying to snap some photos that evening. I deleted most of them that very night in pure spite of the poor and rude treatment I received. I never did tweet them or share them. However, I did find this one of a fabulous dress owned and worn by Grace Kelly that just happens to have my friend Anita Clarke trying to sneak into the shot. How could I delete that??

I also remember Prince Albert of Monaco was there to open the event along with his wife Charlene. It was a little funny to see people fall over themselves to attend to the every need of the royals. What a life! Though even as I giggled a little over it I tried to remind myself that for the Prince — Grace Kelly was his mom. Not a movie star or a princess, but simply his mother. It added a little bitter-sweetness to seeing her things. It must be odd for him to have to remain so formal and proper and still have to speak about her so many times over and over to people who just gloss over that connection.

Last of all — the photo of me is what I wore to the event if I remember correctly. The Miu Miu cat eye's and red lip are my own little nod to the time period. Even though I make my living from vintage I don't normally do the whole retro look head to toe. I am usually in too much of a rush to really do the make-up and hair properly. Plus I tend to feel most comfortable in the seventies groove where you just part your hair in the middle and go. This was my half assed attempt at the more refined look of this era. It took more time and it was certainly not on a Dita Von Teese level of "done", but I kinda liked how it came out and maybe will do it more often!
Have a wonderfully graceful and vintage filled dayxxx cherie


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Grace Kelly, Nicole Kidman and the Exhibit Police + nicole kidman