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Glorious Shades of Autumn

Honey, Spice, Pumpkin, Caramel, Nutmeg, Butterscotch, Cinnamon, Sienna, Burnt Orange... these are the glorious shades of autumn as summer goes backstage and allows automn's chilly winds, rain showers (here in Texas), and cloudy skies to debut.

I couldn't help but gravitate toward the assundry shades of orange while in Quebec provided that these beautiful colors are not common in Texas during the fall.

This rock building and sweetly painted butterscotch window pane reminds me of a walled city in the south of France.

I kept telling my husband, "If I could preserve one of these golden maple leaves exactly as it is with it's gorgeous color, I would safely wrap it up and tuck it into my pocket... "

Throughout our last day in Quebec, we witnessed the quebecois bringing out pumpkins for their outdoor fall decorations.

I captured this close up in front of the Aux anciennes canadiennes restaurant. I just loved the saturated color of these dried (pods?)
If anyone knows the name of these orange pods, please share. I do feel quite ignorant for not knowing...

Oh, and I had the best creamy pumkin soup here... Absolument délicieuse!

As my husband and I were strolling along the Terrasse Dufferin in front of the grand Chateau Frontenac, I noticed this sweet couple enjoying the view of the St. Lawrence river.

It appears that they also enjoy hues of autumn!

I felt that if I included pictures of absolute stangers, I might as well include a picture of myself.

Hope your weekend is lovely~
A la prochaine!

All photos in this post are by a la parisienne

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Glorious Shades of Autumn + Quebec