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Vintage Wedding Attire~an Etsy Showcase~and Un peu de français

For some reason my new posts haven't been on my follower's blog lists. So I am republishing my most recent post. Bizarre, n'est-ce pas? So on to my original post that was perdu in blogland!
You are all going to die when you see these gorgeous images that I found on Etsy today!!! This post is a mixture of couture wedding apparel, vintage style clothing, and le français. Can it get any better?

Par hasard, I stumbled across what has to be my favorite Etsy boutique thus far. It is called Bonzie and the two partners of this boutique, Bonzie and Ger, live in Ireland.

Their work is absolutely breath-takingly gorgeous

Romantic layered tulle bridal skirts

Sheer, ruffled boleros
Ruffled scarves
Tanks adorned with ivory flowers

gray velvet jackets...

I'm in fashion heaven!

Now for une petite leçon de français:

What you will learn:
*FASHION vocabulary

*the verb PORTER- to wear

une jupe = a skirt

une jupe en tulle= a tulle skirt

Elle porte = she wears or she is wearing.


Elle porte une jupe en tulle. = She is wearing a tulle skirt.

La femme porte une belle jupe en tulle. = The woman is wearing a beautiful, tulle skirt.

un col aux volants = a ruffled (flounced) collar

I am not sure what the French would call this "scarf." I would imagine that they would call it a collar.
If you are a French-speaker, please share your label for this beautiful accessory.

un débardeur aubergine =an eggplant (colored) tank top

une veste en velours gris = a gray, velvet jacket

les bottes grises = gray boots

La femme porte les bottes grises. = The woman is wearing gray boots.

Elle ne porte pas les bottes noires. = She is not wearing black boots.

Bonzie et Ger sont vraiment douées. Leurs beaux vêtements de mode d'époque sont populaires et ces propriétaires ont certainement eu beaucoup de succès. N'oubliez pas de visiter leur shop sur Etsy!

Have a beautiful week-end, mes amis!

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Vintage Wedding Attire~an Etsy Showcase~and Un peu de français + weddings