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Tales of a Padded Skirt [Natalie Joos]

Day 2 from Tales of Endearment

I love this video! Natalie of course is the stylish and vintage loving girl behind Tales of Endearment. Here she is getting dressed for day 2 of NYFW 2012. What immediately caught my eye was that adorable little vintage dress with the padded skirt that she pops on in the video.

Ironically I was just in the process of listing this rare vintage 1960s Jean Patou dress that has a similar skirt — so Natalie inadvertently is demonstrating how this skirt feels and looks on! Isn't it funny how unconsciously and collectively certain silhouettes suddenly start feeling right? It happens all the time in fashion and I am always amazed!

Natalie is posting these all week so make sure to watch — its so much fun to watch someone put together an outfit!

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Tales of a Padded Skirt [Natalie Joos] + tales of endearment