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Very Vetiver

Vetiver is one of those fragrances that I'm never quite sure if I like or not. It can easily be overpowering, or too strong. But I'm coming round to the idea that, with a light touch and in a well put together perfume, vetiver can be pretty enticing. A recent Stylist magazine article suggests some key vetiver fragrances.

Vetyverio is by Diptyque, who manage to make the most avant garde perfume combinations wearable. As you would expect Vetyverio is gentle and complex enough to smell exotic and sophisticated.

Vetiver Dance by Andy Tauer. I haven't tried this one, but Andy Tauer is a genius for exotic, ethereal fragrances.This should be pretty good.

Vetyver by Chantecaille. By chance I came across the Chantecaille perfume range in SpaceNK a couple of days ago. I hadn't heard of or seen Chantecaille perfumes before this week, so I'm looking forward to sampling them.

Wonderwood by Comme des Garcons. The only place that I can reasonably travel to to test Comme des Garcons fragrances is Bluebird on the Kings Road. I will be making the trip in the near future to try Wonderwood, even though the name sort of puts me off.

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Very Vetiver + review