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Summer Scent

Seven fragrances appear in Vogue's July Summer Scent selection, and here's what they are.

1.Biscotti by Marc Jacobs, part of the Marc Jacobs Splash Patisserie range.

2. Sheer Stella by Stella McCartney
3. J'Adore by Dior

4. Summer Romance by Ralph Lauren
5. Acqua Dio Gioia by Giorgio Armani

6. A Scent Floral by Issey Miyake

7. Jennifer Aniston's new fragrance (available from Harrods)
I'm looking forward to trying the Jennifer Aniston fragrance, there's been a huge amount of hype about it. A Scent EdP Florale is a favourite of mine, a beautiful soft floral fragrance. I haven't tried J'Adore for a few months, but it's a beauty, as you'd expect from Dior. Acqua di Gioia (Gioia means joy by the way) is a fresh fragrance, but it's got a fruity top note that I'm not keen on.

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Summer Scent + Stella McCartney