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Benneton Verde, Rosso, Blu and Giallo

Benetton have just launched four new fragrances. Red and yellow are the female fragrances; green and blue are for men. I haven't tried these, but below are the descriptions of these new scents.

Benetton Rosso

a cocktail of lush, juicy fruit notes – mandarin, citron and passion fruit... with a tender floral heart of elegant peony, delicate syringa and quintessentially feminine jasmine sambac. The intimate, comforting dry-down mingles soft notes of patchouli heart and storax, while vanilla surrounds the harmony with its warm, sweet embrace.

Benetton Giallo

vibrant top notes of water fruit, red fruit and anis, refreshed by a crisp hint of spearmint. The bright floral heart blends the charms of fresh, transparent lotus, pure, modern rose and the soft powdery notes of violet, balanced by a touch of velvety peach. The dry-down is an addictive harmony of tonka bean, vanilla and musks, whose sensuality is underscored by radiant white woods.

Benetton Verde

In the top notes, tangy grapefruit contrasts with the spiciness of cardamom and the
unexpected sparkle of juicy melon. In the heart, the timeless masculinity of green violet leaves and aromatic geranium are energized by an unmistakable dash of nutmeg. The warm, comfortable base notes are infused with the classic dry signature of cedarwood, rounded out by charismatic gaiac and mellow benzoin.

Benetton Blu

.. top notes combine the sparkle of lemon with an innovative cool air harmony to liberate the senses, while lavender evokes peace and tranquility. The aromatic heart asserts the resolutely masculine character of the fragrance, blending the natural green scent of basil with rosemary oil and clary sage. The dry-down sweeps over the senses in a wave of harmony, as elegant white cedarwood and intense patchouli heart mingle with soft cocoa bean to offer a sensual interpretation of the world's favorite color.

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Benneton Verde, Rosso, Blu and Giallo + review