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British Vogue February [Perfume Ads]

I love these perfume group shots that Vogue does so well. (Here's another one from November) This is how I'd like my perfume collection to look.

KK doing her seduction by numbers face.

This Tom Ford ad has great opulent Americanessto it.

Beautiful profile shot for Bottega Veneta EdP.

Bit bored of Ms Gainsbourg posing in her neglige.

The Jimmy Choo fragrance bottle is pretty cute. Haven't dared to try the juice yet.

Vivienne Westwood's Cheeky Alice has a one page ad towards the back of the magazine.

On the Vogue Beauty page Jo Malone's Lime Basil and Mandarin Shampoo is featured as well as Citron Citron Shampoo by Miller Harris. Yesterday, on the King's Road, I tried some Citron Citron EdP — I really don't like the fragrance dry down, but the hand wash is lovely, so I'm tempted to try the shampoo too.

As a tribute to Valentine's Day — there's The Love Cycle feature on the last page. The perfumes included are Diptyque Eau Rose, Love and Tears by Kilian and San Di Fendi.

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British Vogue February [Perfume Ads] + review