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Wallpaper Panache

Whether gracing the grandiose murs de Versailles or the quaint walls of Grandma's diningroom, wallpaper has been a decorating medium for centuries. Floral, damasked, stiped,and toiled wallpapers have quitely clung to our walls secretly listening to our conversations, witnessing our daily lives, and laughing at our blunders.

I personally love paperie, floral patterns vintage and new, and thus love wallpaper, but I have always had an uneasy feeling about wallpapering an entire room. To wallpaper a room is like a commitment at the altar-for better or worse, and that just hasn't been a commitment I have been ready to make.

And, yet, wallpaper is so beautiful, so alluring, so alive.

When I saw this picture in Romantic Style, by Selina Lake, my heart sang and I was a little more convinced that wallpaper on a single wall as a focal point could be a worth the investment.

It wasn't until I was ready to publish this post that I realized the previous two images of patchworked walls are the same... if you examine closely they are identical. I must really like this design.

And for those of you who are decisive and have gumption, a wall with an over-sized flower could provide dramatic visual impact.
Don't you just love that dramatic, striped drapes?

For those who are wallpaper worrisome, perhaps lining the back of a china cabinet, or closet, or door could safely satisfy a wallpaper craving. One could even create wallpaper panels by wallpapering entire surfaces of salvaged doors. These door panels could be neatly leaned against a wall behind a bed or in a foyer posing as canvases.

What is your wallpaper personality?

*Do you have uber wallpaper panache with the gumption to wallpaper an entire room?

*Do you believe that wallpaper is best used as a focal point in a room soley on one or two walls?

*Are you wallpaper shy-You love it but would rather wallpaper something less permanent like a piece of furiture?


*Do you view wallpaper as a worthless-not worth the trouble, commitment or investment?

After a little research, I found these wallpaper sources: {new and vintage wallpaper}

Heytens {pour mes visiteurs francophones}

Raymond Waites {for those who love an old world, vintage style wallpaper-Make sure you look at the Belgian Luxe collection-GORGEOUS!}
Patina Paperie & Hannah'sTreasures- {pretty vintage wallpapers perfect for small projects}

image sources: numéro un; deux; trois;quatre; cinq; six & sept

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