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Best Perfumes for You
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It’s easy to get stuck in a perfume rut and wear the same fragrance or several fragrances over and over again. Here are five tips on getting inspiration for new fragrances: Michael Edwards’ Fragrance Editions is a great starting point. Click on fragrances you like and the site suggests three similar fragrances. For instance, if you’re a fan of Chanel No 5, they suggest you might also like Jil Sander Style Pastels Blush Pink 2008. Fragrance Editions is an inspirational resource to start off your search for a new perfume.

Remember to ask for a fragrance sample or two whenever you buy some make up or skin care products. If you’re not familiar with the brand’s fragrances, then ask if they’ve recently had any new launches. Typically it will be easier to get samples for new launches rather than for established perfumes.

You can also buy some excellent sample collections online. These give you the chance to try out some fragrances you may not be familiar with or may not even have heard of. The Perfumed Court sells a sample set of the top 25 perfumes as voted at Make Up Alley in 2007. This list includes some classic fragrances. For just under $100 this set could be well worth the investment.

Don't dismiss classics. Some of the oldest perfumes have been around for a long time precisely because they are so good. For instance Cool Water by Davidoff may have a particular image in your mind, but don't judge it until you've tried it.

Finally, when you smell a great perfume on somebody else – make sure you ask what it is. People are genuinely flattered when you ask about their perfume. You’re not just admiring the fragrance itself, you’re commenting on their great taste too.

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