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Stacey Kimel in 1970s Haute Couture Givenchy

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Just before the holiday I was over the moon to see one of my most beautiful and chic clients — the glamorous Stacey Kimel — decide to wear her 1970s numbered, haute couture Givenchy beaded gown that she purchased from me months and months ago. She looked so spectacular in it that my team and I unanimously voted to make her our cover girl ! She went to her event with her exceedingly handsome beau Ryan Cook. They looked amazing didn't they?
Stacey's Gown is completely hand beaded and a true work of art. It is in my top five most spectacular vintage pieces that I have had the pleasure of having and a very important piece as well. It is always an honor to have true haute couture pass through my hands to be worn by yet another fabulous and stunning woman!
Have a vintage couture filled day and may you be surrounded by handsome gentleman too!xxxcherie

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Stacey Kimel in 1970s Haute Couture Givenchy + stacey kimel