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feminine waved coiffures, silhouette-flattering lines, dramatic lashes, contured rouged lips, superb use of striking vintage accessories, and last but not least vintage-inspired frocks and ensembles. You will feel transported back to a bygone era that embraces the shape of a woman and the importance of careful, delightful wardrobe planning. Here's a glimpse of a jaw-dropping photography/fashion blog billowing with vintage femininity-From Me to You.

My two cents on vintage clothing:

If I could, my wardrobe would consist of 40% vintage and vintage-inspired clothing/accessories and the other 60% would consist of new pieces, jeans, blouses, and dresses. I love a tailored look, clothing with darts, flattering seams, interesting necklines, A-line shapes, skirts cut on the bias, an emphasized waist, and high quality fabrics.

Many new clothes today, even those with high price tags, are just not made very well. They are comprised of cheap fabrics that fade, pill, and lose their shape after one wash (even on the gentle cycle). That's the reason I wash most of our "nice" new clothing on the gentle cycle with cold water and never dry them in the dryer. It's the only way to preserve them. The average new article of clothing in stores today also fails to compliment the true shape of a woman. Think about all of those times you couldn't find a good pair of jeans, a flattering winter coat, or even a simple, classy black dress.

These shoes are absolument adorable!
From experience, I have found that a blend of vintage clothing/accessories-found at estate sales, thrift stores, and online-combined with new clothing create the most alluring, flattering, versatile wardrobe. I spent hours taking in the details of Jamie Beck's fashion photography. Where did she find such perfect dresses? shoes? and accessories?

I was thrilled to see that many of her items are from thrift stores!!! You've got to be kidding? First of all, I appreciate her honesty and humility. I mean, these outfits look not only amazing but also very expensive.

This ensemble is the epitome of the perfect use of red as an accessory. The gloves are fabulous, but that vintage millinery bundle makes my heart melt. I have a few vintage millinery bundles that I have collected along the way to use as accessories in decorating and for clothing; I am so glad to see that they can look so chic.

I love Jamie's use of color in her accessories. The image above could provide years of inspiration for me. Included in each of her blog posts, she shares the source for each item in her outfit, which provides a great resource for her readers. Believe it or not, her scarf was a $2.00 thrift store find along with this striking red belt.

The hairstyle, the hat, and the folded newspaper are perfect accents for this chic black frock.

This b & w image is striking in every possible sense. I have never attempted to wear a scarf over my head for fear of looking like grandma leaving the hair salon... But the use of this scarf with the oversized sunglasses are the principal elements to this sophisticated master piece.

Does this image remind you of anything? Perhaps a little allusion to Audrey Hepburn??? Look at the shape of this dress and how it compliments her figure!!! The dress and peep toe shoes exude femininity and style.

To see more details of each of these outfits and to see her mood board pertaining to the people(Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn) who inspired these vintage ensembles, take a little stroll here.

all images via From Me to You

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