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French Lesson No 7- La couleur Rose

un tutu = a tutu:)

Salut, tout le monde! This lesson will not only be fun, but you are going to learn all kinds of vocabulary for your blog posts, journaling, crafting, etc!
Today's French lesson is all about PINK!
*French words for some common PINK items
*French words for different shades of PINK
*Putting it all together - describing PINK objects in *FrenchIntermediate/Advanced - using adjectives when describing two or more items
The color PINK in French is ROSE.

une verre = glass (a glass from which you drink or eat-must be made of glass!)

un maillot de bain = swimsuit

le chewing gum = chewing gum:)

un petit-gâteau = a cupcake

une pivoine = a peony
les pivoines = peonies

une bicyclette = bicycle OR
un vélo = bike

Different shades of PINK:

Bright pink = rose vif
Baby pink = rose tendre
Light pink = rose clair
Pale pink = rose pâle
Coral pink = rose corail
Magenta = magenta
Dark pink = rose foncé

Putting it all together
In the French language most adjectives go AFTER the noun. So when you want to describe an object using a color, the color goes AFTER the object.
See examples below (under each image).

une maison rose = a pink house
(Yes, I realize this is indeed a café in Paris named La Maison Rose)

un bâteau rose pâle = a pale pink boat

une porte rose vif = a bright pink door

une salle à manger rose corail = a coral pink dining room

une robe rose clair = a light pink dress Blog Uses
You can easily use these colors in some of your titles. French titles just sound more fun, n'est-ce pas?
"A Woman Who Wears Pink" = Une femme qui porte du rose"
"A Little Bit of Pink" = Un peu de rose
"Why Not Pink?" = Pourquoi pas rose?
"Marie Antoinette's Pink Shoe" = La Chaussure rose de Marie Antoinette (This one is for Noel @ Fanciful Designs!)
"Romantic Pink" = Rose romantique
I am sure that you can come up with all kinds of variations!

When describing more than one object:
Remember that if your object is plural then so should be your adjective modifying the noun.

deux bâteaux roses = two pink boats
deux portes roses vif = two bright pink doors
(vif modifies the color pink not the house so it does not need an added s)

Images #1. Flickr-Life in a Venti Cup; #2. A la parisienne #3 A la parisienne
#4. A la parisienne; #5. Flickr- cakejournal; #6. Flickr- Oh Merci; #7. Flickr- Ioran Denim's; #8. Flickr; #9. See image;
#10 Flickr -Gorgeoux #11. Marie Claire Maison; #12. Vanity Fair

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French Lesson No 7- La couleur Rose + Rose