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Les joies du printemps: les pique-niques

"The Delights of Spring - Picnics"

Spring is my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, the "spring" months outlast spring weather here in Texas. But for those few weeks in March and April all is bliss. We experience a few weeks of perfect temperatures with a few scattered rains here and there. Trees, grass, and flowerbeds return to their lively shades of green and the barrenness of winter fades.

I have always loved spring- the cool, crisp breeze; the chirping birds that I hear outside of my window when I wake in the morning; the beautiful flowers that begin to bloom. If these things weren't so transient, I am sure I (along with many other Texans) would spend much more time outdoors!

A few weeks ago a friend and I took our babies to a nearby park for a picnic. It was not quite as leisurely I had planned since my baby was more interested in crawling and picking up acorns than eating. In fact, I can't even remember what I ate. Nonetheless, it was quite a beautiful day.

Where would be your ultimate picnic?

For me, it would be near the Hamlets at Versailles. This little patch of grass would be quite a beautiful resting place for my quilt and my picnic basket!

Photo from Flickr
A few happy picnickers near the gardens at Versailles (I imagine this photo was not taken in March- perhaps later in the spring or summer!)

Photo from Flickr
This could be another cozy spot!

Photo from Flickr
How about on Pont Neuf?

What food item would be your indulgence on a picnic?

For me, I recently have gotten hooked on Laughing Cow Cheese! (My husband and I call it Laughing Couchies;) Yummy!

Photo from Flickr
I image that this photo has been edited somehow, BUT what if it were the real thing? Can you imagine what these people told their grandchildren?

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Les joies du printemps: les pique-niques + Spring