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I've Fallen for Ivory- la robe de mariage

wedding gown by Claire Pettibone

Each of these photos below is from my favorite wedding gown designer,
Claire Pettibone. When I was engaged, there was one add in one magazine (I can't remember which magazine) for a few of her wedding gowns. That was almost seven years ago, which was before adorning wedding gowns with lace and ribbon became the new craze. In my opinion, she was ahead of the game as she created these nostalgic, romantic gowns that drape loosely from the bride's figure.
No petticoats here!

I just love the style of this Blackburn ad (above). The muted palette with its gray and white tones and hints of pink is magical.

If I had a dress like this, you would catch me wearing it around the house while making tiny twirls in front of a floor length mirror!

featured in Town & Country magazine by Claire Pettibone

This wedding gown is a little masterpiece.

The angle and contrast of colors makes this photo very striking.

ivory, and more:

I've Fallen for Ivory- la robe de mariage + weddings