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Corner to Corner: Ma salle de bain

Well, I'm finally back to blogging now that everything has finally settled down around here!
I don't know about you, but when the new year starts, I always have so many new ideas and plans swirling in my mind that I run in place for a few weeks before I actually move forward (cue blurred feet in motion and cartoon music).

This year, I have so many new goals and new creative ideas, and I would like to accomplish all of them and, of course, share them with you!

One of my goals this year is to focus more on completing each room from corner to corner (making every room wholly functional and adding those finishing touches).
When I was teaching full time, almost four years ago, my favorite past time was to spend the weekends decorating and making new vignettes throughout the house. Somewhere along the way, like every hobby's ebb and flow, my passion for primping our home was replaced with blogging and making handmade items for my Etsy shop. Now I plan to put more of my creative energy into feathering our nest.
By sharing "my progress" with you, I hope that I adhere to this goal.

view of master bath from our bedroom

So, I will begin my decorating journey with our master bath~my absolute favorite room in our home. Here is one corner of our salle de bain.

a romantic gilded mirror in front of the large garden tub~

a garden-style urn filled with soft whites - tulle, sand dollars, and a handmade box by Fanciful.

a very special angel that makes me *smile* every time I see it~

a wide shelf that spans the width of the garden tub bolstered by two ornate, antique black metal brackets~

I have yet to find the perfect items to place upon this shelf. Usually the groupings look cluttered or incohesive. After I removed all of the items from the shelf for the photoshoot, Zena seized the opportunity to nap there where the sun shines in...

So far, she is the best adornment~precious and oh so charming~and she definitely promotes relaxation!

Up next:

~les autres coins de notre salle de bain {the other corners of our masterbath};

~a few design mood boards for our salle de bain that will help promote more cohesion from element to element.

images by à la parisienne

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Corner to Corner: Ma salle de bain + Salle de bains