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Felt adorn*a*ments pour les enfants

I realize that I've been away for over a month and hope you all haven't given up on me or moved on!

I finally started wrapping gifts yesterday and I began with a couple of children's gifts. It's always fun to use youthful papers when wrapping for little ones-
the bright colors and whimsical shapes are refreshing for someone like me who generally uses a muted color palette. Somewhere stored away, I have some adhesive gift tags, which would have been much easier to use on these gifts, but I decided to spend a couple extra minutes creating these fun felt gift tag adornments.

For the felt ornament gift tags, I simply folded some green felt in half and cut this vintage ornament shape. Then I used my handy Fiskars punch to create the scalloped white paper tag.
To attach the paper to the felt, I sewed a little Northern star with hot pink thread mimicking the patterns in the giftwrap's ornaments.

For the boy's gift, I used a gray paper with large white snowflakes.
I decided that a little felt snowman would be fitting.

For this snowman gift tag, I cut out a square piece of gray felt for the backing.
For the snowman's body, I cut out two white felt circles for the top of the snowman and used the same Fiskar's punch to create a scalloped paper circle for the bottom of the snowman.
While creating the snowman's eyes and buttons with black thread, this also attached the snowman to the gray felt backing.
To finish off the gift, I used a large piece of red yarn ribbon and tied it at the snowman's neck, creating a little scarf.

I attempted creating a black felt beret, but it looked très laid (ugly). Then a toboggan, but it looked awkward. Finally, the Stetson hat made the cut.

I have many great plans for my other Christmas gift wrapping projects-much more sophisticated and glamorous and they will coordinate with my Christmas tree. Hopefully, I will be able to create what I have envisioned and share them with you soon.

Until then, wishing you a Merry Christmas, a joyful time with family, and safe travels.

All images by à la parisienne

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Felt adorn*a*ments pour les enfants + Les Enfants