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Christmas with a Couture Twist

First things first, I think I am hooked on this glossy black and houndstooth European-style gift wrapping paper I found a couple of months ago. In fact, this paper is one of the things that inspired me to do a couture-inspired Christmas tree...

Which leads me to my second preface to this post:
Someone out there needs to design a new type of artificial Christmas tree-something that is not cheap and ugly like my artificial white plastic Christmas tree; something more artistic; something beautiful that I would keep up year round.

I keep imagining a simple tree-like form with spaced branches, made up of paper-WHITE paper, with paper flowers and vines, {Psst- "Noel, I'd love to see what you could come up with!} Really, I'm serious. Of course, I'd like to be able to afford it so whoever you are, when you create this tree (even if it has to be a mini tree) I'd like to be able to buy it without my husband freaking out when I tell him the price. Mr. à la parisienne is not a fan of Christmas décor, but we've agreed that if I will exclude him from the decorating process (getting decorations out and putting them back up) that he won't complain!

That being said my couture-inspired tree already has a major disadvantage- the tree itself is just plain ugly. It's stark. It's from Wal-mart. Enough said. So if you are a part of the Chanel or Dior design team, please don't take offense.

Zena, the curious tree-eating cat, checking out the stash.

I didn't buy a single ornament for the tree this year. I just scavenged my ornament stash, my closet, and my accessories. I decided that I needed to be resourceful and if I like this style enough to repeat it next year, I would wait and buy better ornaments for Christmas 2011.

My Christmas tree is wearing:
*A white paper northern star accented with two dramatic black feathers.
*Two scarves-one taffy pink velvet scarf, and one pink, black, and white plaid scarf.
*various flower brooches made by à la parisienne fashioned with chiffons and velvets
*vintage pink and silver ornaments
*a couple of bangle bracelets
*a few handmade ornaments fashioned with black glitter and houndstooth ribbon
*a black tulle {tree} skirt (not pictured)

a little something for ma mère

This is my favorite gift I've wrapped so far. Since haute couture is known for playing with angles and assymetries, I put the ribbon to the left and cut a sharp angle to add a little drama. Of course, the houndstooth paper and thick black satin ribbon are quite the pair.
For this jewelry box, I wanted to add a little sparkle, so I sewed on a small vintage rhinestone button. To me, this gift wrap design resembles a fancy cuff.

More pictures to come. Most likely after Christmas.

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Christmas with a Couture Twist + Giftwrap