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Winter parisienne chic: classic noir

Here's a little classique parisienne fashion inspiration for you.
If you are like me, you may have a bit of winter shopping to do, and I always like to look around for inspiring ideas before I make my new purchases.

This year, one thing I plan to purchase is a vintage black hat to wear with my black pea coat.
I love this entire outfit above-le chapeau chic, la robe noire, the tights, the feminine black shoes, and the over-sized bag with a sophisticated hint of Grace Kelly.

A classic black and white striped blouse layered with a black jacket/blazer and a colorful scarf is a classic parisienne winter look.

Selecting a blazer can be a bit tricky. Personally, I prefer tailored styles over slouchy, loose styles.

Tights are a great accessory for a fall/winter wardrobe. They have many advantages: they don't take up a lot of space; they are affordable; and they can change the feel of an entire outfit.

I have a fixation for winter coats, and I love a tailored coat with flattering seams.
This coat exudes femininity; it creates an hourglass figure with its over-sized collar, ultra skinny belt (notice the buckle moved over to the side), and an A line shape at the hips- and look at those fancy seams! The ruffled cuffs at the sleeves show the importance of detail on a nice winter coat.

Makes me want to do a little shopping!

What does your winter wardrobe look like? (classic blacks? winter whites? charcoals/grays?)

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Winter parisienne chic: classic noir + Shabby Chic