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Get the look [Vivienne Westwood in Vintage! ]

It is funny how the universe works sometimes. I rarely list Vivienne Westwood pieces but suddenly I have a few that were part of a large shipment from one of my favorite vintage collectors that decided to do an edit and asked me to handle her overflow. I swear that I am endlessly surprised at the amount of vintage women can tuck away! Vintage for some is as addictive as crack. Once you have that bug you just try to control the tide and find creative ways to store your never ending "collection"
And so I find myself suddenly with some Westwood pieces coming in after never having Westwood pieces. Not that I don't love her but I have been slowly resisting the pull of the whole nineties is vintage thing AND there seems to always be a bit of a scandal regarding fake Westwood pieces and quite honestly I never really trusted any source (till now) that offered them up so I just said no, no, no.
I am a vintage addict like many of you and am probably far, far worse then most if I am to be honest, and I am definitely of the non-reformable kind of addict and it is pointless to pretend otherwise. That addiction leads itself to the other part of the truth of the reason for the lack of Westwood's. I secretly think I can wear everything on the site. However, Westwood pieces demand a certain type of Va-Voom body and because I an a work-a-holic I have woefully ignored the ever increasing size of my ass until recently. So perhaps I always in light of my present shrinkage of the nether-parts, I also agreed to the Westwoods as a result of my own selfish hopes to enter Va-Voom land one day soon.
Then the whole universe, odd coincidence thing happened. At the very same time I am happily photoing and getting ready these Westwood pieces to add to Shrimpton Couture I stumbled across this photo of Vivienne herself in vintage! Isn't that the oddest twist? Here I am adding Westwood pieces to the site for the very first time and there she is appearing in vintage when I have never seen her in vintage before.
OK, OK, so I know deep down it has nothing to do with me but she still looks amazing in her turn of the century tape lace dress. And it sure is a close cousin to the c1905 Battenburg lace gown I currently have on the site so warrants a share on that fact alone!
Holy knock it out of a park Vivienne! She is pretty Va-Voom in her right in this dress don't you agree?
Who knows, maybe Ms Westwood is a vintage addict like us too? Perhaps we should all form a support group and invite her to join. Though I think any such group would just end up being the opposite of most whose aim is to avoid the evil of the addiction. Really we both know we would just end up swapping pieces and getting more excited and building the need for more right? So maybe we will leave that for another day and all just pretend we have it under control, shall we?
Have a wonderful, vintage filled day!
xxx cherie

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Get the look [Vivienne Westwood in Vintage! ] + vivienne westwood