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Faire une promenade: Vieux Québec's Faded Charm

I had a couple of moments to steal away and share a couple of glimpses of Vieux Québec-Old Quebec-the portion of the city that is envelopped by a walled fortress.
My husband and I were fortunate enough to stay three of our four nights in Vieux Quebec on rue St. Pierre. We felt like we were in the center of everything, yet our hotel was tucked away bearing few pedistrians/tourists.

This is probably my favorite picture that I took. I love its paleness and innocence. To me, it possesses a fairytale quality.

These images are just a taste of Québec's charm. I have many more that I would love to share... Perhaps in a couple of days.

Bonne journée, my friends.

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Faire une promenade: Vieux Québec's Faded Charm + travel