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With the fall weather firmly upon us, let's celebrate the cooler temperatures with a couple of amazing images of two Balmain coats. Each is distinctly different from the other and show how styles completely changed from season to season back in the day. The leopard trimmed coat is from 1954 and the strict structured buttoned coat is from 1955. I bet most people would have guessed that the leopard trim beauty was from at least 5-10 years later then what it actually is and def would have put the structured coat as an earlier piece.
Am I right?
It just goes to show you how much what we watch on TV and see reinterpreted on the runways and in fashion magazines influences what we perceive as being from when. Structured, new look, wasp waist equals fifties, boxy, loose cut equals sixties. Except both these silhouettes are really just the trickle down effect from the geniuses behind the originals. They were just picked up and repeated during those two respective decades.
Either way I wish I had BOTH in my archives!
Have a wonderful vintage filled fall day!xxx cherie
PS thank you for the overwhelming response to my tale of theft and fraud. I literally received hundreds of emails and tweets and comments in support. Many, many, many of you re-posted and passed along the link to the blog post and forwarded the email I sent out. Three people wrote to me to let me know that they had also been contacted by those same people and one person actually stopped a shipment because she received the email from a friend!
THAT is called revenge against the bad guys. A huge group F you to them from us!
Thanks guys!

Top photo: Marie-Thérèse in suit with leopard fur trim, muff and beret by Pierre Balmain-photo by Willy Maywald-1954, Bottom photo: Lucky in Balmain's white greatcoat, photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Harper's Bazaar, 1955

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