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Cherie Meets Kelly Wearstler at Holt Renfrew!

With Kelly wearing her pieces from her collection. I am wearing 1960s Courreges jacket, a 1960s Jumpsuit, Marni platforms & my Alexander McQueen clutch
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Last week, I was lucky enough to snag an invite to the private launch party of the new Kelly Wearstler Fall 2011 line on floor three of Holt Renfrew. She has launched a line of clothing, sleek clutches that incorporate really interesting finishes and textures and jewels that are bold and again work in texture and finish to offset their simple designs. The price points are good and I think if you love her interiors and her easy style you will be pretty pleased when you pop into Holt's and see the pieces for yourself. I really loved the black curl lamb fur coat pictured (prob the MOST expensive piece — I have a gift) and the clutches.

Sometimes when you see lines by celebrities and well known persons you get the idea that they just popped in to approve everything after someone else came up with all the looks. Not so here — her aesthetic runs through the collection like a breathe of fresh air. If I had a critique it would be based on a hunch — that the powers that be behind the scenes made her tone some pieces down to appeal to the "mass market". It's the way of the world and conservative investors and I am only guessing of course, but I know her work in interiors and I think that given total free rein and time this line will just get better and better and better as she continues to pour herself into the collection.

The party itself was flawless, Holt's always throws parties that seem relaxed and easy and have that feeling of a well rehearsed gig — your glass is never empty for more then 5 seconds before a waiter magically appears with a fresh one, the canapes are perfection and the guest list eclectic.

The fabulous Beckerman girls and I!

Love this clutch!
Being knee deep in my own interior design project I was very excited to meet Kelly. (I will do a future post to show you the progress on my own interior project and a start to finish on each room as they get done — promise!). I have been a long time fan of Kelly and have each of her books (buy them!) and love her blog — it is a daily read for me. She has this insanely fabulous, eclectic sense of design that incorporates two of my favorites things — color and vintage!

Kelly looking gorgeous in her pieces from her collection

The ambiance is set! Jennifer of Holt Renfrew told me that Kelly chose these pieces and had them flown in from LA — details details — a girl after my own heart!

Wearing 1960s Courreges jacket, a 1960s Jumpsuit and Marni platforms
sorry for the blurry picture

Oddly enough, Kelly & I have a mutual acquaintance. Back about a year and a half ago I was starting the hunt for art for my space and stumbled upon the works of Lana Gomez. I pounced on one of her paintings. Fast forward a month and I am knee deep in idea gathering for my space and going through Kelly's books for inspiration and lo and behold — I spot a Lana Gomez piece in Kelly's office! Fast forward to two weeks ago when I am in the middle of buying a second painting from Lana and my invite to the Kelly Wearstler event pops into my mailbox!
Doesn't the universe work in odd ways sometimes?

This is Ralph looking at me impatiently to stop monopolizing Kelly
Kelly herself is fabulous. She loves vintage — both furniture and clothing so of course we instantly bonded. We chatted about our love of Lana's work and Pedro Friedeberg (who is one of my personal favorite artists — he is a Mexican surrealist and is the person who does those fabulous 1960s-1970s hand chair/sculptures — again another post down the road). You know when you have one of those moments in a crowded room when the rest of the world fades away and you are just totally into the conversation you are having with someone? That was how it was. Ralph Roach of HR literally had to interrupt us so she could be taken off to meet others. Cards were exchanged so who knows — perhaps one day I will be showcasing Kelly wearing Shrimpton Couture or posting my own Wearstler designed rooms!

Kelly Wearstler

photos: courtesy of Holt Renfrew, Wireimage, The Beckerman Bit Plate and my own

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Cherie Meets Kelly Wearstler at Holt Renfrew! + vintage furniture