Views from a Paris window + Winter White

Dreaming in Winter White

If I had to choose my favorite color to wear during the winter months it would be
winter white.

I just love the latest work by Elie Saab.
Look at these ethereal ensembles!
The dress above makes the model appear to be floating across the runway.

And look at the gorgeous details at the bottom of this empire-waist gown!

Although Saab's fall 2009 couture is simply based dreamy shades of white, the textures of these masterpieces bring depth and interest to each piece.

Chiffon rosettes, pearly sequins, ruffles, whispy furs~

Oh la la, c'est comme un rĂªve d'hiver!

Si feminin, si divin , si romantique!

As autumn and winter approach, we dream of crisp breezes and cozy winter clothing.

What is your favorite color to wear for autumn or winter?

For me, it is winter white paired with black for a sophisticated look or winter white accented with charcoal gray.

Wishing you a day filled with heavenly moments!

Images from FashionWindow

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Dreaming in Winter White + Winter White