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The Story Behind the Bags

Modern clutches with a vintage twist is the basic concept behind this exciting design collaboration between myself, (the girl behind Shrimpton Couture) and Marketa, hand bag designer extraordinaire our of New York, who personally makes each gorgeous clutch completely by hand. Each clutch is part of an extremely limited run which is solely based on the available salvageable fabric. I personally select the fabric to be used in each bag from my archives and I choose them based on how they feel to touch and beauty of the fabric itself. Each chosen fabric is cut from unusable vintage dresses and gowns that are beyond repair. Marketa then takes my selections and creates magic!
Our first generation of bags used our reclaimed fabrics as interior pockets and they flew off the shelves. However, based on client feedback and requests, Marketa and I have decided to push our idea to the next level and incorporate as much of my vintage into her designs as we possible can. This next generation of design truly marries our two ideals and each resulting clutch is the perfect marriage of the past and present. Each bag produced will now be even more of a limited edition then before, as the number of each bag that we are able to make is entirely determined by the available, usable fabric. We also beefed up the interior lining below the fold so the bags feel more substantial when you hold them. The hardware for the zipper was bumped up and is more substantial and we added a signature twist of leather to the zipper pull!
These are truly special custom pieces! Marketa and I hope you fall in love with them as much as we have. Each clutch is sent boxed with a handmade dust-bag and a card detailing the fabric’s provenance and it's numbered edition. Each is made from re-purposed, hand selected, fine vintage and antique fabrics and most importantly, each is handmade with love.
Three new clutches have just arrived in the shop and more are coming soon!
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The Story Behind the Bags + whats new at Shrimpton Couture