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Olivia Palermo in Valentino & Wearing Lace

I have some exciting things coming to share with you but in the meantime I will leave you with one of my favorite looks spotted on the streets during Paris Couture week. Olivia Palermo looks absolutely lovely in this pink lace Valentino dress. Most girls are afraid of wearing lace dresses and when and if they do they tend to style them in the worst possible way.
Like they are a lace dress.
Do you know what I mean?
For some reason lace went from girlie, feminine and pretty in our collective minds, to grandma, stuffy... ..and well, when I asked My Guy his thoughts his kindest words for it were "like a farm girl".
(And don't go off on me of you happen to live on a farm — because if you do, then you know exactly what that means, and I have heard some super chic girls who own farms say the same thing and way worse about some of their neighbors way of dressing)

I personally love lace — and vintage lace is like no other. When you get into the realm of hand-made antique laces well that is just a bit of art really. The point of this all is that lace can be chic. And an easy way to try to get this look for yourself is with a vintage lace dress of course. Unless you can afford Valentino's versions — they are all future vintage anyway — and if you can — may I borrow them when you are done pretty please?
Once you have your lace dress you have to treat it like it's not. Lace that is. Style it with killer shoes, add chic accessories and be sexy in it. Not precious. Think youth and airiness and be all girl. Chic, not Farm.
Oh what the hell, make it easy on us all — just copy Olivia's outfit the first time out the best you can and then go from there!Want to give the lace look a whirl — shop my vintage pieces here Pics: Stockholm Street Style & Harper's Bazaar

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Olivia Palermo in Valentino & Wearing Lace + wearing vintage