Views from a Paris window + vintage treasure hunting

Have you seen this dress?

One of my clients sent me these shots this week of a gorgeous and colorful maxi dress that was worn by January Jones on a Mad Men episode in all her glorious 1960s housewife glory! My client is just a wee bit obsessed with owning its twin. And when I say obsessed I mean she is on one of those life-time committed quests! Oh don't even TRY to fool me — I know that you know exactly what I mean! I have a bucket list of those "quests" myself! Don't you?
Here at Shrimpton Couture treasure hunting is not only our second name — its our very reason to live! So we thought we would put out the call to our faithful and lovely readers! If you spot a twin of this beauty or something that is darn close — drop us a line!
Have a vintage treasure hunting filled day!xxxcherie

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Have you seen this dress? + vintage treasure hunting