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Coco by Chanel

Another new perfume...

Well, it was my birthday at the weekend. Thanks to my lovely sister-in-law, Vicks, for giving me such a sumptuous classic. Coco is not to be beaten. It's sexy without being heady or in-your-face. There's an amazing buttery quality to it, which creates a uniquely rich scent.
When I started writing about perfume nearly a year ago, I didn't like Coco. Or perhaps I hadn't ever tried it. But having tested a perfume a day for the past eleven months, my nose has changed. I've had the chance to wear and revisit many different fragrances. Coco has depth and layers but avoids being overwhelming or taking over. Unlike many other scents, Coco truly stands the test of time.
If you haven't tried Coco recently — I would encourage you to revisit it — a classic fragrance.

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Coco by Chanel + unique