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5 Clean Smelling Perfumes

Smelling clean can be revitalising. Here are five wearable scents that will keep you smelling pure as the driven snow all day long.
1. Jo Malone — Iris & White Musk This perfume sample has been lurking unloved in my cupboard for quite some time. Yesterday evening I retried it, and initially it smelt a bit masculine. But then I got into bed and thought, 'Wow these sheets smell so fresh and lovely'. Of course it wasn't the sheets, it was this gorgeous and clean smelling fragrance.

2. Chloe — Love There is a current trend in perfumes for fruitiness. Love is very fruity and creates a day-long just-out-of-the-shower aura. Wear this and you'll smell scrubbed clean. And it's incredibly long-lasting.

3. Narciso Rodriguez — For Her About a year ago a friend recommended this to me. She said that smelling For Her is like smelling clean laundered sheets. That had me intrigued. And For Her does smell daisy fresh. But you only need a tiny smidge as it's relatively strong.

4. Dior — Escale a Portofino If you like smelling lemon fresh, then Escale a Portofino is a classically mild eau de cologne with a citrus edge. And if you need more proof of its whiter than white credentials, then here's little Miss Perfume Life holding the Escale a Portofino that I bought last year.

5. Miller Harris — Citron Citron
Citron Citron is also inspired by the lemon fruit, but is rich and creamy. It reminds me of lemon curd as all the harshness has been taken away and blended with something much richer and smoother. Citron Citron is also available in a hand wash, but the perfume itself is delightful.

I'd love to know what perfumes make you smell clean and scrubbed.

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5 Clean Smelling Perfumes + review