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New Fragrances [Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection]

The Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection is a brand new range of four fragrances for men.

This is the description for each fragrance:
Big Pony #1 The Sporty Fragrance. Citrus Aromatic. "This refreshing tonic matches up lime and grapefruit". Grapefruit is a fabulous fresh element in any perfume. Here's my list of top grapefruit fragrances.
Big Pony #2 The Seductive Fragrance. Oriental Fougere. "A sexy mix that hooks up dark chocolate and musk for undeniable attraction."

Big Pony #3 The Adventurous Fragrance. Fougere Woody. "A thrilling scent of mint and ginger root... " For Ginger lovers, try Jo Malone's Nutmeg and Ginger.
Big Pony #4 The Stylish Fragrance. Woody Fruity. "An energising boost that layers mandarin and kyarawood... " Mandarin and Oranges are great in many fragrances. Here are a few to try: Atelier Cologne's Orange Sanguine, Orange Star by Andy Tauer and Tangerine Vert by Miller Harris.
The Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection will be available across the UK from August and costs £35 for 75ml. With the help of MrPerfumeLife, I will be posting reviews shortly.

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New Fragrances [Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection] + stylish