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Kiehl's Essence Oils & Summer Scent Selections

Kiehl's Essence Oils are currently only £10, so an affordable option for a refreshing smell to take away on holiday with you. The roller ball applicator is convenient, so you don't risk a leaking bottle of perfume in your suitcase. This morning I tried two — grapefruit and pear — both light, summer smells. Kiehl's Essence Oils range also includes musk and vanilla.

Check out my selection if you're still looking for the perfect Eau de Cologne. Vogue magazine's Summer Scent collection and their Modern Vintage list both have some great ideas for the summer months. And if you're chasing the elusive aroma of the sea breeze, then Chandler Burr's Ocean Currents from the New York Times features some true summer classics.

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Kiehl's Essence Oils & Summer Scent Selections + review