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Good smells to help me sell our home

We're trying to sell our place at the moment — hence the reduced number of posts. This is my secret arsenal of good smells to help lure in potential buyers.
I'm burning a vanilla candle in the sitting room.

I've bought my favourite flowers, peonies, to look good and smell good:

Tea tree is great for making bathrooms feel really clean. I've splashed it round the basins liberally.

And (perhaps rather oddly) I love the smell of bleach. It reminds me of swimming pools. So this has gone in all the obvious places.

What else should I do? Coffee in the grinder? Bread in the oven? Too corny? I've read that I should put cinnamon sticks in the waste disposal unit. But we don't have one. I've also read that you can heat a saucepan of juice with slices of apple, lemon, cinnamon and oranges in it.

And it smells terrific. Not sure if it's going to pervade the whole flat — but at the very least it's making the kitchen smell great. I used a tin of pears in juice, one sliced apple, lime wedges and half a cinnamon stick.
I would love to hear your home-selling aroma suggestions.

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Good smells to help me sell our home + review