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Avery [London's Newest Perfume Boutique]

London's newest perfume boutique is Avery Fine Perfumery, 27 Avery Row, Mayfair, London W1K 4AY

"Avery utilises cutting edge, interactive technology to capture the imagination and stimulate the senses. The windows are two large aviaries, each housing ‘perched’ fragrance bottles. Customers passing close to the windows will automatically cause the perfume bottles to emit a ‘virtual’ spritz of scent and even the most modest of movements will cause the mist to swirl and create a virtual imprint of the customer’s silhouette. The interior features an interactive birdsong soundscape with three distinct areas from tropical to woodland and animatronic flowers that will blossom with the stirring of the air! On screen, a feather is blown by a virtual breeze, perpetually airbourne to represent the delicacy and esoteric nature of scent. Perfumes are presented on a beautiful rococo dressing table with shapely birds feet, where clients may ‘preen’ and make their selection. A lush, hanging garden complete with mini-fountain of weeping rabbits and surreal artwork dominates the rear, serving to relax and calm customers whilst reinforcing the message that fragrance and art are intertwined – twinned expressions of emotional fantasy."

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Avery [London's Newest Perfume Boutique] + review