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The Classics Eaux Parfumees by Miller Harris

My other treat today was a meeting with Miller Harris at their Bruton Street tea rooms. I know, life is just too good.
I sampled virtually every Miller Harris fragrance as well as trying out their newest range — The Classics Eaux Parfumees. This is a series of colognes based on the four original Miller Harris scents — Citron Citron, Coeur de Fleur, Terre de Bois and Fleur Oriental. These are milder colognes to be used liberally. The Eaux Parfumees come in iconic 200ml bottles so that they can be generously splashed on.
For some reason I can barely smell Coeur de Fleur. I'm not sure why. In particular the Coeur de Fleur Eau Pafumee just doesn't register on my nose. Of the others, I would say that Terre de Bois is my stand out favourite. Citron Citron is beautifully zesty, but I appreciate it much more as a handwash, (which I incidentally also tried out today).
The team at Miller Harris were really informed told me loads of great stuff about Miller Harris and perfume in general. We also talked about Lyn Harris's bespoke service, which I have been pretty scathing about in the past. But actually they made a pretty convincing case for it, and I'm softening towards the idea despite the hefty price tag.

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The Classics Eaux Parfumees by Miller Harris + stuff